ARMA: Enhanced Configuration System

The Enhanced Configuration System (ECS) is a privately developed addon for Armed Assault by the ECS team.
It was riginally written for Operation Flashpoint in 2005, to increase the Co-operative gameplay, game environment, effects, and AI reactions. The project was completely reworked for Armed Assault in February 2007. Since then, the project has grown and expanded to include many features far beyond it's original inception.
The mod was expressly intended for co-op use only and is not geared to PvP missions. It is however fully compatible in both single and multiplayers modes, including the campaign and Queen's Gambit.

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Change log

Enhanced Configuration System (ECS) update history

- Fixed: Wrong display position from explosion tinitus effect on 16/9 and other special resolution. (client)
- Fixed: Cannot play/load save game when removing an addons in ECS addons folder. (client)
- Fixed: Cannot play/edit this mission, missing addon content "name". (server & client)
- New: Themis compatibility component. Use any comunity addons running ECS and XEH(addon required "Extended_Eventhandlers"). (server & client)
- Improved: (internal) M-IAIC, player/AI friendly/enemy recognition. (server & client)
- Improved: Fire dammage player, burning man 'general'. (server & client)


- Fixed: Parachute playmove prone when landing in water to prevent dammage. (client)
- Fixed: First Aid pop link lock when landing in water. (client)
- updated: Various ECS addOns for more flexibility of customization and compatibility with the HD & server version. (client & server)


- updated: ECS_Armory for ArmA 109 compatibility. (client)
- updated: ECS_Core for ArmA 109 compatibility. (server & client)


- Fixed: (internal) M-IAIC 'data query' wrong index selection. (server & client)
- Fixed: AI/Player First Aid, donot exit if killed in using the function. (client & server)
- Fixed: AI/Player First Aid, only prone animation was played in using the function. (client & server)
- New: AI Armored vehicle can use MainGun for support fire. previously only machinegun was used. (client & server)
- Updated: (internal) Query location function. (client)
- Updated: (internal) Define radius by location function. (client)
- New: Volumetric and dynamic fog effect. (client)
- Fixed: Aircraft altitude warning "get out vehicle bug" & "plane moving on runway". (client)
- Updated: Player stress system. (client)
- Updated: Shell impact effect. (client)
- Updated: Missile impact effect. (client)
- Updated: Grenade impact effect. (client)
- Updated: Explosion trauma. (client)
- New: Hand grenade 'Fragbounce' sound. (client)
- New: Flare 'illuminated' sound. (client)
- New: Flare 'smoke' effect. (client)
- New: Infantry weapon Malfunction. only enabled on weapon type 1 and/or 5. (client)
- New: Destroyed effects and fire for fueltruck, ammotruck, armored vehicle, car. (client)
- New: In game ECS control panel. (client)
- New: Burning man (vehicle crew). (server & client)
- New: Fire dammage player. (server & client)
- Fixed: Empty string in chat text when vehicle killed. (client & server)
- Fixed: Fire sound donot stop when fire switch off. (client)
- Fixed: Fountain effect appear strange some time. (client)