ARMA: Enhanced Configuration System

The Enhanced Configuration System (ECS) is a privately developed addon for Armed Assault by the ECS team.
It was riginally written for Operation Flashpoint in 2005, to increase the Co-operative gameplay, game environment, effects, and AI reactions. The project was completely reworked for Armed Assault in February 2007. Since then, the project has grown and expanded to include many features far beyond it's original inception.
The mod was expressly intended for co-op use only and is not geared to PvP missions. It is however fully compatible in both single and multiplayers modes, including the campaign and Queen's Gambit.

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Terms and conditions

Please read the following carefully
It is imperitive that you do not modify ANY of these files without express permission of the ECS team, as these files are signed and modification of these files will cause problems with ECS_clients and/or ECS_server when other ECS_clients and/or ECS_server have this mod installed.

You are free to use it so long as it is not modified. It may only be distributed in its original form, complete with ECS team credits.
© Copyright 2005–2008 ECS Team, L.François. All rights reserved. Distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;

Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint are copyright their respective owners. The ECS team are not affiliated with BIS, Codemasters or Atari.