ARMA: Enhanced Configuration System

The Enhanced Configuration System (ECS) is a privately developed addon for Armed Assault by the ECS team.
It was riginally written for Operation Flashpoint in 2005, to increase the Co-operative gameplay, game environment, effects, and AI reactions. The project was completely reworked for Armed Assault in February 2007. Since then, the project has grown and expanded to include many features far beyond it's original inception.
The mod was expressly intended for co-op use only and is not geared to PvP missions. It is however fully compatible in both single and multiplayers modes, including the campaign and Queen's Gambit.

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Performance tweeks

Ways to make your game leaner
To disable some of the feature of the ECS mod, it is possible to simply remove the the unwanted .pbo file from the AddOns folder.

For example: to remove the civilian speech delete the files:
  • ECS_CIV.pbo
  • ECS_CIV.pbo.ecs.bisign
Aslo note that ECS_Core, ECS_Misc and ECS_Sounds is required in order to work and cannot be deleted (except for uninstalling ECS).

Although the engine has been tested and optimised to the max, there are some settings that can be adjusted if you are having problems. Please pay attention the descriptions in the settings tables for references to controlling processor overhead.